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We work unusually closely with clients to create digital products

We listen. We talk. We design. We develop. We build

There are nearly 20 of us in total - mostly designers and developers. And we’ve been doing what we do since 2009. In that time, we’ve developed a way of working that’s all about collaboration. It’s why we talk about working ‘unusually closely’ with clients. It means we help people to learn. And encourage everyone to share their perspective. And hunt out better ways to make group decisions. And figure out tricky issues before they become long debates. We do things as a team, basically - because it’s the best way to get results that everyone is happy with. And as for the name? If you want to find out where that came from, you’ll have to get in touch…

Our Philosophy

Client Value:    
To surpass client expectations consistently.

Leadership by Example:
We set high standards within our business and transactions and aim to be an exemplar for the association and ourselves.

Integrity and Transparency:
We are ethical, self-disciplined and broad-minded in all our operations. We will always be open and clear with our clients about our development and the exciting progress our company is making. We are a forward-thinking team of dedicated individuals that encourages the sharing of ideas and collaborative working.

Trust, honesty and loyalty is at the core of everything we do.

We strive relentlessly to bring continuous improvement to our company and stay at the top of our game.

Efficiency :
We have an extremely capable team, backed by excellent resources. We support and provide valuable, bespoke solutions using our collective knowledge and skills.