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Easy-to-use app which is a pleasure to use, and works to achieve your business goals.

"Our specialism is in building engaging, effective and fluid mobile apps that either stand alone or draw content from your website into an optimized, streamlined and mobile experience for your customers and staff on the move. We’re accomplished in helping you plan all aspects of your app. After our initial meeting we’ll create wireframes or sketches of each individual page of your app. From there, we work with you to create an attractive, intuitive app that delivers your message directly and conveniently to your customers and allows them to engage and feedback.

Our app developers: As dedicated mobile enthusiasts, our developers understand the mobile landscape natively and have developed a solid understanding of both the iOS and Android SDKs. Their love of mobile drives their passion for robust design and intuitive look and feel, with sensitivity towards key factors like compact screen size and the touch screen. "

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App Development for Different Sectors

Our clients come to us with a range of app requests, sometimes with their customers in mind, sometimes for use by their own staff. Increasingly, businesses are aware of the potential for iPhone, Android and Google Glass applications to assist staff, for example by streamlining their data entry or lead generation steps and helping staff in the field to work more effectively. We develop apps for business to business use, including the scientific and actuarial sectors and through this, we have experience in integrating apps with your existing back office systems.

Other applications we develop are more consumer focused and tend to involve social media integration, video or ecommerce, which help app users to find, share, buy or distribute your content easily, socially and locally. These apps often employ cutting edge development techniques and focus particularly on creating a rich interface that is both eye-catching and intuitive.

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Cross-Platform Apps

Whether you’re interested in development for iPhone and iPad, or Android, or both, we can deliver the solution to meet you needs. Our mobile app developers are experienced in both platforms so we’ll have all bases covered.

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We continually develop even better ways to optimise our apps by building in a testing program that ensures your app is rigorously tested throughout its development cycle. The nature of many apps means they are used concurrently by a very high volume of users. For that reason, we build and test for very concentrated, high volumes of simultaneous app usage and the experience we’ve gained with our high volume apps like the popular Brighton Marathon app (which successfully handled more than 10 million hits in one day, 14/04/13), is invaluable for future projects.